October 14, 2016

Large Temple Complex Uncovered at the Cahuachi site in Peru

A large temple, now called the “South Temple, has been found at the site of Cahuachi in the Nazca Velley, Peru. A wall separates it from the great temple at the site. Its function is not understood yet. Five vases that are 2 metres tall and a metre and a half wide have been found there. Perhaps these were funerary urns for kings or priests, but vases are empty. Cahuachi was occupied for eight centuries, from 400 BC until 450 AD., after which time it was abandoned. Between 420-450, the Nazca Valley had two large floods and a large earthquake. The people of Cahuachi may have abandoned their deities after these events, thus closing and sealing the temple. Nazca lines were still being drawn after the Cahuachi collapse.

Archaeology News Network has the report with great photos;

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Andean Cultures from the Paracas to the Inca Magazine

Mike Ruggeri’s Nazca Era Peru

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