April 11, 2015

Hundreds of Peruvian Mummies Found at the Site of Tenahaha

Dozens of tombs with up to 40 mummies dated to 800 CE each have been found in Peru. The site will be called Tenahaha. The tombs were placed on hills overlooking the living. The corpses range in age from fetuses to older adults. Some of the mummies were intentionally broken apart and scattered between the tombs. This may have been a community binding ritual for the dead. Between 800-1000 CE was a time of upheaval and conflict in Peru. But at Tenahaha, the pottery was not warlike, as was found in other areas, but showed people smiling. Perhaps Tenahaha was neutral ground for feasting and burying the dead. An international team has been involved in the excavations at the site.
Live Science has the report here, with photos;

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