August 1, 2014

Important Ancient Sinaloa Find with Ties to West Mexico

Shaft tomb structures with rich offerings and human remains have been found in Sinaloa, at the limits of Mesoamerica. The tombs are dated to 150-450 CE. This is a unique find for Sinaloa. Dozens of miniature figurines, mostly females, and some playing musical instruments, as well as turquoise pieces were found, among other artifacts. The tombs and artifacts are in similar style to the ancient West Mexico tradition. Human skeletons with the bones painted red were uncovered. It now appears there were cultural relationships between ancient West Mexico and southern Sinaloa earlier than thought.
INAH has the extensive report here (in Spanish), with a lot of detail on the various finds and a great slide show of the finds. (Click on the tiny white camera icon to see the slideshow.)
Art Daily has a report in English here;

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