August 29, 2014

Eight New Olmec Sites Discovered in Guerrero

INAH Archaeologists have found eight new sites of Olmec influence in Guerrero. Olmec style figurines, greenstone axes, jadeite, white ceramic bowls have been found at San Marcos, San Luis Acatlán, Acapulco, Atoyac, Ometepe and Petatlán. The Olmec trade system is now better understood as a result of these findings. The sites linked the Olmec heartland to Oaxaca, Chiapas, and the Pacific coast. INAH says the research into the Olmec presence in Guerrero will cover eight volumes, written by 20 specialists.
INAH has the report here (in Spanish) with a slide show of some of the Olmec influnced items. (click on the tiny white camera icon to see the slideshow).

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