January 12, 2015

Ancient Snaketown, Arizona Pyrite Mirrors Came From Mesoamerica.

50 Pyrite mirrors were unearthed at Snaketown from the 1930s to the 1960s. They were found broken, burned and buried with humans in 16 graves. Ball courts, copper bells and macaw feathers were also found there. INAH began to study the mirrors intensely recently, starting in 2001. INAH found that the mirrrors were likely manufactured in central Mexico, each taking 110-160 days to create. They were worn by the elite as pectorals, belt ornaments, headgear. They were a portal to the underworld. The Snaketown mirrors date to 650-950 CE. The use of flakes of pyrite glued to sandstone with tree resin glue is a central Mexican craft. The Hohokam did not use pyrite. There are no Hohokam pyrite deposits.
Western Digs has the report here with a good photo;

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