January 13, 2015

Huge Offering at the Templo Mayor Analyzed

In May 2008, archaeologists found a large offering under the the statue of Tlatecuhtli at the Templo Mayor in Mexico City. Offering 126 had an assemblage of 4000 organic remains and 111 species. 40 from the Atlantic, 66 from the Pacific and some from rivers. 40 species came from as far away as the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, the West Indies, the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela and Brazil, and 66 from Baja California to Ecuador. Most of the material are mollusks, and it is clear that Aztec priests spent a lot of time gathering as wide and diverse collection of these to demonstrate the military and economic might of the Aztec empire. The findings are just being announced now.
Past Horizons has the report here;

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