January 28, 2015

Underwater Maya Temple Complex Discovered at Cara Blanca, Belize

Archaeologists are working at the Maya site of Cara Blanca in Belize. They have discovered an underwater temple complex. It appears that the Maya at this site were making hurried sacrifices to the rain god Chaak to stave off a continuing drought. Pots and bowls were thrown in by pilgrams coming here to pray for rain. Lisa Lucero is the lead archaeologist at the site, and has been investigating there for four years. Repeated droughts in the Maya realm eventually helped to bring the Maya kings down by 800 CE. The floors of the water temple were sprinkled with sacrificed potsherds and fossil teeth and claws. People also pulled out rocks and fossils from the bottom of the pools and cenotes to incorporate into above ground temples. Human sacrifices also took place in these pools.
National Geographic has the report here with nice photos;

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