October 30, 2014

Stunning Teotihuacan Tunnel Finds

INAH archaeologists have been digging into tunnels below the Pyramid of the Sun for the last year. They have dug their way to the end of a 340 foot long tunnel and have found an entrance to a burial chamber. They have made their way two feet into the chamber. It will take a year to complete that dig. The tunnel was sealed off in 250 CE. They may find the grave of a Teotihuacan ruler in the chamber. A find that has eluded all archaeologists at the site since it began its excavation history.
PhysOrg. has a short report and many stunning photos of the finds so far, including large caches of conch shells and great and untouched Teotihuacan figurines.
50,000 objects have been found in the tunnel including jade, shell, stone and pottery pieces, including pottery of a kind never before seen at Teotihuacan.
The Daily Mail has an even more stunning collection of beautiful photos of the objects in the tunnel and a video as well. The Daily Mail always has the best photographed displays of archaeological finds.

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