September 3, 2014

Drug Paraphernalia Found at a Tiwanaku Site in Bolivia

Researchers have found sophisticated drug paraphernalia at a Tiwanaku site called Cueva del Chileno in Bolivia dated at 500 CE. Snuffing tablets, a wooden snuffing tube, colorful headbands and more were found at the site. The snuffing tablets were used to spread out the psychotropic drugs, and the tubes were used to inhale them. Monoliths from the region show individuals holding chicha drinking cups in one hand and a snuffing tablet in the other. The drugs were used by shaman to mediate between the living and the dead. Shaman wore animal costumes depicting pumas and condors. Animal and human sacrifice was carried out at the site. An elite group held control over the substances, while the public was allowed access during healing ceremonies and public events. has the story here with slides;

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