April 30, 2015

Maya Site in Guatemala Found with Grid Design

Archaeologists at the Maya site of Nixtun-Ch’ich in Guatemala, dated at 600 BCE-300 BCE, have found that the city was built on a grid design. A powerful ruler had to have commanded this design. While Teotihuacan was also built on a grid plan, so far, no connection has been found between the two cities. The main ceremonial route runs east-west. 15 buildings were in an exact straight line, including flat topped pyramids. At The end of the street is a triadic structure similar to those found in other Maya cities. The residential area followed a north-south axis. A defensive wall protects the city. Cattle ranchers in the area are guarding against looters.

Live Science has the report here with a photo;

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Maya News Magazine
(click on titles or pictures to open articles)

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