May 4, 2015

New Research on the Nazca Lines

Researchers from Yamagata University in Japan believe that the Nazca lines were made by two different groups taking pilgramage routes to an ancient temple. The lines were drawn between 200 BCE-600 CE. The Yamagata team has uncovered 100 geoglyphs and broken ceramics at the intersection of two lines. The lines led to the vast pre-Inca temple complex at Cahuachi. Images of animals were found along a route starting from the Ingenio River. They continue on a path to Cahuachi. Images of trophy heads and supernatural beings were concentrated in the Nazca Valley and went towards Cahuachi. A third group was found on the Nazca Plateau. Even after Cahuachi collapsed, trapezoids and straight lines continued to be made and used.
The research was presented at this year’s Society of American Archaeology Conference in San Francisco.

Live Science has the report here;

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Andean News Magazine
(click on titles or photos to open articles)

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