June 18, 2015

New Discoveries at the Smith Creek Sites, Mississippi

Penn State Researchers are studying are studying the transition between the Coles Creek Culture and the later Plaquemine Culture in Mississippi at the Smith Creek sites. They have found arrowheads, animal bones, pottery. Mounds at the two sites they are excavating were constructed by the Coles Creek people from 800-1000 CE. One mound was a temple foundation, another was for a burial. White sand was brought to build one layer of a mound. A human skull was found, but the neighboring tribal leaders asked that the skull not be studied or excavated. The later Plaquimine culture, who took up residence there, grew corn and amaranth, squash, pecans, sunflower seeds, fish, turtle and deer. The sites at Smith Creek show the transition between the hunting and gathering Coles Creek Culture and the sedentary Plaquemine farming culture.

The Advocate has the report here with a good slide show;

And Penn State has a larger blog about the ongoing work at the site;

Mike Ruggeri’s Moundbuilders/Ancient Southwest News on Tumblr

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Southwest/Mound Builders News Magazine

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