A New Olmec Colossal Monument Found in Veracruz

A new Olmec colossal monument has been found at a ranch in Veracruz. The monument depicts an Olmec deity holding possibly an ear of corn and a load of flint. It has a headdress and a pectoral symbol. It could represent the Maize God. It weighs 10 tons. It was uncovered when the rancher was creating a dirt road. INAH wants to take the rock, but the ranchers are refusing to relinquish it. On this same ranch, there are also two Olmec pyramids. There are also petrogyphs at the site. This may be a major Olmec center, but INAH has yet to investigate the site.

costaveraceruz has the report with photos here;

Mike Ruggeri’s Olmec World Magazine

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