August 18, 2015

New Research at the Collins Site in Illinois

Illinois Archaeologists have been excavating at the Collins Site in Illinois. The site is dated to 1000-1100 CE. During their time, the bow and arrow was introduced along with maize cultivation. The huge site of Cahokia boomed during this time, and Cahokian influence can be seen at the Collins site in pottery and buildings. There are seven mounds at the site, including a platform mound. The platform mound is called the Indian Springs Mound, and was probably a crematory site. Burnt red cedar, a ceremonial wood, and a scaffold with the remains of five bundled individuals were found there. The site was covered over after this. The site may have been temporary, used for feasting and ceremonies. The site was abandoned in 1100 CE and the inhabitants moved 25 miles to the Caitlin site.

The Canton Daily Ledger has the story here;

More on the work at the Collins site here;

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Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Southwest/Mound Builders News Magazine

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