August 20, 2015

Huge Aztec Skull Rack Found Near the Templo Mayor in Mexico City

INAH archaeologists have found the main skull rack where the Aztecs displayed the severed heads of their sacrificed victims after their hearts were torn out on top of the main pyramid at the Templo Mayor in Mexico City. The skulls were all looking inwards. Their heads were cemented together to look inwards. This was a surprise. 35 skulls can be seen so far. Many more will be revealed as they dig deeper. A Spanish chronicle spoke of these cemented together skulls, but none had ever been found until now. The skull rack was buried under a three story colonial house in the city center. Archaeologists have been looking for the big skull rack since 1914, and this is probably the one that was sought. The skulls were hung on layered wooden posts after holes were driven through them to fit the wooden posts through the skulls.

The Daily Mail has the report here with their usual excellent photo display;

Mike Ruggeri’s Toltecs and Aztecs

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