February 29, 2016

Belize Cave Structures Research

Archaeologists in Belize are working at the cave of Kayuko Naj Tunich, where there is a group of manmade mounds. The cave is believed to have been the site of accession ceremonies for the Maya Uxbenka polity. Caves are seen as portals to the underworld in Mesoamerica. The researchers believe the mounds were erected for one event or series of events due to the way they were constructed. There is a shrine built at the cave site dated to 240-339 BCE, and it was kept stable till 600 CE. Uxbenka had a population of 1500-2600 at the beginning of the Early Classic. They calculate that 50 people working five hours a day for 30 days were needed to construct the mounds.

Ancient Origins has the story here, with good photos;

Mike Ruggeri’s The Ancient America’s Breaking News

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