April 27, 2016

Mysterious Band of Holes in Peru Research

A band of holes stretching north to south across the Pisco Valley in Peru are now being researched by archaelogists. They believe they may have been used by the Incas to collect taxes. The rock lined holes would have been used to keep food cold and dry, and to keep track of where food tributes came from. The food would then be allocated to the people of the Inca state. Using drones, they have created a map of the band of holes, some 6000 of them. Each hole would measure specific amounts of tribute owed by each farmer or family. The holes appear to be constructed alongside of a road that went to a huge Inca center. So far, no remains of crops or khipus have been found in the holes. The holes may pre-date the Incas and may have been used to store guano as a fertilizer.

The Daily Mail has the report with its usual excellent photos and videos;

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Andean World

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