May 8, 2016

Exciting Finds at the Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan

INAH is excavating under the Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan. They uncovered holes with green stone stelae inside them. They found passages that show the Mesoamerican symbol of the center of the cosmos with the four corners of the universe, the “quincunx.” River stones were also present. They have also found many more modifications of the pyramid in ancient times. They have found the evidence of a plaza bordered by 13 bases. Five stelae have been unocovered so far. The green stone of the stelae appears to be from Puebla. The dating on these holes are from early Teotihuacan, 100 CE. The link to green stones and water deities is strengthened here. Atop the pyramid was the statue of the goddess of fertility Chalchuitlicue (my note; which many have mistakenly identified as Tlaloc. This would also be the reason for the presence of river stones, since Chalchuitlicue was also the goddess of running water). Two canals have also been found that would have been symbolic for running water.

Ancient Origins has the report here with good photos and a video of the finds.

The original INAH report in Spanish is here with a slide show (click on the camera icon at the top).

Mike Ruggeri’s Teotihuacan

Mike Ruggeri’s Teotihuacan; City of the Gods Magazine

Mike Ruggeri’s Teotihuacan Art Portfolio

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