May 14, 2016

New Finds at the Las Ventanas Site in New Mexico

Archaeologists in New Mexico have uncovered a village dated to around 1100 CE that has ties to the Chaco complex. It contains some 120 sites and a two story great house with 85 rooms. It is a mixture of Chaco and independent styles. The stonework is of volcanic black rock, and there are intricate trails leading outwards from it. The settlement is called Las Ventanas. The Great House is built along the lines of Chacoan architecture, but the structures are not built of sandstone, like Chaco, but of black volcanic rock. Some of the ceramics showed affinities to the south as well as to Chaco. The trails cover 62 miles in length, and do not appear to lead anywhere. This is similar to the trails found at Chaco. So they were ritual features. Many artifacts were placed along the trails and look like they were related to lava flow ritual.

Western Digs has the story here with good photos;

Mike Ruggeri’s Moundbuilders/Ancient Southwest News on Tumblr

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