May 20, 2016

Human Mandible Jewelry Found at Dainzu, Oaxaca

Painted human mandibles used as necklace pendants dating to 700 CE, along with whistles and figurines, have been uncovered at the Zapotec site of Dainzú in Oaxaca. Some of the figurines were of the god of the flayed skin Xipe Totec. Dainzu had been inhabited for 400 years by family clans. The inhabitants exhumed the bones of their ancestors and painted and modified them to show a linkage to important ancestors of the past. The ceramic pieces were smashed in thousands of pieces deliberately, probably as part of a Mesoamerican wide practice of ritual destruction.

Live Science has the report here with a photo;

Mike Ruggeri’s Zapotecs

Mike Ruggeri’s Zapotec World Magazine

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