July 8, 2016

INAH Uncovers Elite Female Burial Near Teotihuacan

INAH archaeologists have uncovered the skeleton of an upper class women with intentional cranial deformation (a practice often reserved for upper class people in Mesoamerica). Her teeth are encrusted with mineral stones as a form of dental jewelry. The jewels are foreign to the region. She has a lower tooth made of serpentine, and pyrite stones encrusted in two top teeth. The cranial deformation and dental jewelry is in the style of southern Mesoamerica, perhaps Maya in style. The skeleton was found in a town near Teotihuacan. She was 35-40 years old at death. She was buried with 19 jars. The date of her burial is at 400 CE.

The Daily Mail has the report here with their usual great photo collection of the find.

Ancient Origins has a video of the find, (in Spanish) now called the “The Woman of Tlailotlacan”

Mike Ruggeri’s Teotihuacan

Mike Ruggeri’s Teotihuacan; City of the Gods Magazine

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