September 5, 2016

Crocodile Monolith Found at Lambityeco, Oaxaca.

A monolith carving of a crocodile has been found at the Zapotec site of Lambityeco dating to 500-850 CE. The carving was found after clearing a hidden path on a ball court, that had been barricaded by its inhabitants. Charcoal, burnt human skull, ceramics and incense burners were found in front of it as offerings. It appears that the carving had once been a balustrade on one side of a stairway. The ball court area had been a copy of one of the ball courts at Monte Alban, but it was altered in time, perhaps showing independence from Monte Alban. It is unlikely that the inhabitants ever saw a crocodile in this landlocked valley. They saw representations of it in other art works from outside the valley.

Live Science has a report with a photo of the monolith;

Mike Ruggeri’s Zapotecs

Mike Ruggeri’s Zapotec World Magazine

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