September 15

Interesting Burial Remains in Chihuahua spanning 2,500 BCE to 700 CE.

A naturally mummified macaw, two human skulls, textiles, deerskin, baskets, a large sea shell have been uncovered in Chihuahua. Macaws were being bred in the area for trade to the north into New Mexico. The remains have been dated to the period before Paquime, pre-700 CE. Archaeologists began digging deeper and found food remains, corn, beans, housing, 30 arrow points, coprolites, a gourd and rope all dating to the 2,500-1,000 BCE period. Human bone was found on a rabbit skin, two bodies of an adult and baby.

Ancient Origins has the story here with great photos;

Mike Ruggeri’s Aztlan World

Mike Ruggeri’s Casas Grandes World Magazine

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