October 28, 2016

Important Cave Finds in Chihuahua

INAH Archaeologists in Chihuahua have investigated a cave where an infant skeleton, the lower half of a man whose ankles were tied, and the remains of a scarlet macaw along with points, textiles, a sea shell, a bag of deer skin. The remains were naturally mummified by the dry desert air. The finds possibly date to 2000 years ago. The site is 250 miles from Paquime, which was a trading hub between Mesoamerica and the Ancestral Puebloans. The finds suggest the site pre-dates Paquime, which was founded around 1,300 years ago. The discovery of a scarlet macaw that pre-dates Paquime may show that long distance trade in exotic goods predate Paquime.

Western Digs has the report here;

Mike Ruggeri’s Aztlan World

Mike Ruggeri’s Casas Grandes World Magazine

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