November 17, 2016

New Discovery at the Kulkulcan Pyramid at Chichen Itza

Archaeologists have found a third pyramid buried underneath the Kulkulkan pyramid at Chichen Itza, Yucatan. A second pyramid had already been discovered underneath. The third pyramid was built between 550-800 CE. The middle one was built between 800-1000 CE. The standing pyramid was built between 1050-1300 CE. The pyramid is also built above a cenote. The third pyramid was found using tri-dimensional electric resistivity tomography.

(My note; In Mesoamerica, there was often ritual destruction of large monuments based upon a religious calendar. New pyramids atop old ones could also be the result of a new leader and a new style of architecture. Building above a cenote probably connotes that the pyramid or person/persons buried in the pyramid are put in touch with the afterlife through the cenote).

The Guardian has the report here;

The Daily Mail has its usual fine set of photos of the discovery;

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Maya News Magazine

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Maya News on Tumblr

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