May 25, 2017

13,000 BCE Inhabitants at Huaca Prieta, Peru Exhibit Advanced Society

Researchers at the Huaca Prieta site in coastal Peru have found that early inhabitants of the region, living at 15,000 years ago, were far more advanced than thought earlier. Mounds of artifacts have been removed from the site for more than a decade. These include food remains, stone tools, baskets and textiles. Researchers found a variety of fish hooks to carry out a diversity of fishing. The early inhabitants also grew chilis, squash, avocado, and a large amount of a medicinal plant. So these early people would have probably had a bureaucracy and a large organized religion. Baskets made during this period show a variety of complex styles using elaborate dyes.
The latest excavations took six years at 32 excavation units, 32 test pits, 80 geological cores.

(My note, the early dates here fall within the Pre-Clovis time period).

Popular Archaeology has the report here;

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Peru (13,000 BC-600 BC)

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