July 4, 2017

New Study on Early Human Habitation at 12,500 Feet in Peru

Archaeologists in Peru have found that groups in Peru survived at 12,500 feet before the advent of agriculture despite lack of oxygen, frigid weather and exposure to elements. Excavations have uncovered 16 people and 80,000 artifacts going back 8,000 years. Evidence at several sites puts hunting and gathering groups at this altitude 9,000 years ago. The bones of the individuals at the site studied show the bones of the individuals having oxygen and carbon isotopes that match permanent high level occupation. Travel time to low elevation zones were too long for seasonal occupation. And the presence of women and children at the site makes seasonal migration unlikely. The tools found were made with high elevation material.

The research is in the Royal Society Open Science journal

Science Daily has the report here;

Mike Ruggeri’s The Ancient America’s Breaking News

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