November 17, 2017

Large Orca Geoglyph Re-Discovered in the Nazca/Palpa Region of Peru

A huge Orca geoglyph has been re-discovered in the Palpa area of Peru, related to the Nazca culture. It was first found in the 1960’s by German archaeologists, but during restoration and research, the records were inaccurate as to the location and dimensions of the geoglyph. It has been found again and re-mapped. The size of the geoglyph is 60 metres long and 25 metres wide. The whole area is now endangered by land traffickers. The Orca is a marine deity that shows up on ancient pottery and ceramics in Peru.

The Bradshaw Foundation has the report here with photos;

Newsweek adds more to the story adding that the Orca geoglyph was first located in 2013, not the 1960’s. The geoglyph is 200 feet long. There are 1,500 geoglyphs in the region dating from 200 BCE-600 CE. The glyph is dated to 200 BCE and may be related to earlier Paracas culture styles (800 BCE-200 BCE).

Newsweek report here:

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Andean News on Tumblr

Mike Ruggeri’s Nazca Era Peru

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