December 13, 2017

Giant Petroglyphs in Venezuela Researched

The UCL Institute of Archaeology is mapping some of the largest petroglyphs in the world in Amazonas, Venezuela. Some of the panels are 2,000 years old. They depict animals, humans, rituals, and mythical creatures like horned serpents. They are similar to rock art in Brazil, Columbia and further out. In one panel, there is a flautist surrounded by human figures, probably a renewal motif. They show the influence of traders from diverse and distant regions. The study forwards research on the Orinoco River, and its influence on the formation of ancient social networks. Some of the formats can be seen mirrored all the way to the Ancient Southwest much later in time, like the flautist and the horned serpent.

Eurekalert has the report here;

The Daily Mail had its usual collection of great photos in its report;

Mike Ruggeri’s The Ancient America’s Breaking News

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