January 18, 2018

Yucatan Researchers Have Found the Largest Underwater Cave System in the World

The Underwater Exploration Group of the Great Maya Aquifer Project (GAM) has discovered a connection between two large flooded cave systems, Sac Actun and Dos Ojos, in the Yucatan. This joined cave system is the largest flooded cave system in the world, stretching 215 miles. There are more than a hundred archaeological contexts contained within the cave, from the remains of some of the First Americans to the Maya culture. The director of the project has been looking for this connection for 14 years. Project researchers are looking for more connections to three more underwater systems. They will study the water quality of the system and continue mapping the cave system.

National Geographic has the report here with a video;


Daily Mail has its usual great photos of the site here;


Mike Ruggeri’s Maya World


Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Maya News on Tumblr


Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Yucatan Magazine


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