FEBRUARY 17, 2018

LIDAR Finds Huge Tarascan (Purepechan) City Near Morelia, Mexico

LIDAR technology has revealed a giant ancient Tarascan (Purepechan) city near Morelia, Mexico. It was double the size of the Tarascan capital, Tzintzuntzan. The city is known as Angamuco. 40,000 structures have been found within the newly discovered city. This would make the city the size of Manhattan. Pyramids and open plazas are concentrated in eight zones around the city’s edges. 100,000 people lived in the city from 900-1350 CE. The city was first excavated in 2007, and 1,500 structures had been located. On the ground mapping would take a decade. LIDAR will be finding even more about the city.

The Guardian has the story here;

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient West Mexico

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient West Mexico Magazine

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