July 8, 2018

Inca Nobility Burial Site Found at the Site of Tucume

Archaeologists have uncovered a burial site at the Peruvian site of Tucume, which contains 26 pyramids. 24 mummies have been found clothed in finely woven robes. The burial is dated at 1500 CE, within the Ince time period. Ceramics, grains and fabrics were buried with them. 89 archaeologists are working on the find. It now appears the Inca arrived in the Tucume area in 1470 CE. The archaeologists expect to find ten more mummies at this burial site. The tomb appears to contain both men and women. The women are probably buried next to weaving remains and the men are buried next to oars, wooden paddles and shells. Some of the buried are holding spiked spondylus shells. Three or four of the mummies wrapped in fine clothing are probably Inca nobility.

There are intact ceramics that will tell us more about Inca pottery at the time.

The Daily Mail has the report here with their usual fine photos and a video;


Archaeology News Network also has a report here with more photos.


Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Andean News on Tumblr


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