August 20, 2018

3,800 Year Old Wall Reliefs Discovered in Peru

Peruvian archaeologists have discovered a 3,800 year old wall reliefs at the site of Vichama, which was part of the Norte Chico or Caral culture, which stretches back 5,000 years. The reliefs portray snakes and human heads.  A few years ago, archaeologists uncovered 3,800 year old figurines at the same site;

The figurines and the wall reliefs are probably an offshoot of the Caral culture, and they probably portray ancient Caral leaders, including a priestess. The walls are made of adobe. The reliefs show four human heads with their eyes closed, and two snakes wrapped around them. They appear to be humanoid seed symbols digging into the ground and they face  agricultural fields. The reliefs portray soil fertilization and the deity of water.

International Business Times has the story with photos here;

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Andean News on Tumblr

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