December 10, 2018

Ancient Moche and Lambayeque Skeletons with Feet Missing Uncovered in Peru

32 skeletons dated at 300 AD from the Moche and Lambayeque Cultures in Peru have been uncovered, at the site of El Churro. Half of the skeletons were missing their feet. The feet were re-made into decorative lockets for the surviving family members. Many of the dead were children. They also uncovered 60 large urns, looms and instruments made from bones for making textiles, blankets containing alpacas, llamas, and guinea pigs, metal objects, and wooden spoons for feasting. 23 of the bones were from the Moche era and the rest from the Lambayeque culture. The practice of using human bones for jewelry was a regular practice in Ancient Peru.

The Daily Mail has the report here with good photos and a video;

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Andean News on Tumblr

Mike Ruggeri’s Moche/Wari Era Peru

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