March 17, 2019

Three Rich Moche Tombs Uncovered in Peru

Archaeologists have uncovered three elite Moche tombs at the Huaca of El Pueblo de Ucupe in Peru. They date to 600 CE. In the first grave, there is one adult, probably female, and one child. Their burial bundles were covered with cinnabar which had ritual significance for the Moche. Grave goods include copper crowns, head/hairbands and breastplates and several ceramic objects. One of them depicts a snail, another a man sitting on a throne, the third an explicit erotic scene.

In the 2nd tomb, an adult male, garbed in copper plate with copper crowns and headbands and more than 50 pottery vessels  was buried next to a llama

In the 3rd tomb there is an adult male with a crown, two headbands, a plate dress, two earplugs, a nosepiece, two clubs, two banners and a funerary mask similar to the one found in the Lord of Ucupe’s tomb, and 150 pottery vessels.

The report is at the History Blog with photos of the find;

Mike Ruggeri’s Moche/Wari Era Peru

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