INAH Finds Mexica Symbols on an Ancient Dike in Ecatepec, Mexico

October 27, 2019

INAH has found 11 Mexica symbols in a tunnel in Ecatepec, North of Mexico City. Petroglyphs, stucco reliefs, a war shield, a bird of prey were among the symbols found. A Teocalli symbol dedicated to Tlaloc the rain god was on a central stone.

Moctezuma I built the dikes in the 15th century to control the flow of water into Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital.

Indigenous folks from Ecatepec and Chiconautla worked on these dikes. Hernan Cortez destroyed the dikes and re-built them. The symbols have been removed for protection from further environmental damage and put in the Ecatepec community center. Replicas will be placed back on the walls of the tunnel.

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