December 30, 2019

A Vast Palace Structure Uncovered at the Maya site of Kaluba in the Yucatan

INAH has unearthed a vast Maya palace at the site of Kaluba, in the Yucatan. There are six rooms in the structure. It is part of a larger complex that also includes two residential rooms, an altar and a large round oven. Archaeologists have also uncovered remains from a burial site, and hope forensic analysis of the bones could provide more clues about Kulubá’s Mayan inhabitants.

The palace was in use from 600-900 CE, and then again from 850-1050 CE. The structures uncovered are just part of the vast complex yet to be uncovered.

INAH is considering bringing back some of the forest cover to protect the site from the elements.

The Guardian has the report here with photos and a video;