May 6, 2020

The Virtual Re-Construction of the Site of Tingambato in Michoacan.

Archaeologists in the 1970’s excavated the site of Tingambato in Michoacan. They uncovered monumental structures, a ball game and a massive burial of 150 people.

INAH archaeologists have announced that drones, LIDAR and high resolution cameras have enabled the virtual reconstruction of the site as it looked at 500 CE. These new discoveries have established a small connection to Teotihuacan at the site, given some architectural styles.

They have found that the site had 3 occupation horizons. 0-300 CE, 300-550 CE and 550-900 CE. Some of the inhabitants of Teotihuacan may have fled back to their home at Tingambato.

They are also virtually re-constructing the two large tombs at the site. 100 were found in Tomb 1. And in Tomb 2, only one individual was buried. A women between 15-29 years of age with cranial deformation with 19,428 lapidary and shell objects, many of them exotic and imported.

INAH has the report here with a really great slide show of the site and its artifacts here. (In Spanish), (Click on the little green camera icon to see the slideshow)

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