August 4, 2020

Ancient Zapotec Monuments and Glyphs Discovered on Puebla Mountain Top

Two ancient carved stone monuments dated at 500 CE  have been discovered on a 6000 feet mountain top in the Mexican state of Puebla. IHAH says the site once had seven pyramids, a ceremonial area, and a ballcourt. It was probably built by the Zapotecs, and dedicated to the god of the underworld.

So far, 2 stone panels, as well as smaller carved stones, have been found. Carvings of animals and figures have been found on stones around the site. One of the carvings is of a figure with horns and claws wearing a loincloth. Others are believed to represent an iguana, an eagle and female figure thought to be a deity resembling a bat. 87 glyphs have been uncovered so far.

BBC news has the report here with photos;

Mike Ruggeri’s Zapotecs