New Discoveries at the Xochitecatl site in Tlaxcala

September 29, 2021

INAH has discovered ceremonial offerings, and a staircase to the spiral pyramidal monument at the site of Xochitécatl, in Tlaxcala, dated at 800 BCE built on the summit of an extinct volcano. In 150 CE, the Popocatepetl Volcano erupted and the site was abandoned, then re-settled in 650 CE inside the Cacaxtla site area.

The new discovery was made at the site of a new museum being built at the site. Researchers discovered the original staircase, and several figurines carrying a maxtlatl (loincloth) painted in red, with elaborate headdresses, batons and a clay scroll in hand.

The team also unearthed two vessels for which micro-excavations are being conducted on the vessels to determine the contents and whether they could belong to the individuals represented in the figurines.

The entire offering is Late-Classic, except for a figurine from the Pre-Classic Period (2,500 BC-200 AD), and it may be talking about the reiteration of a lineage, possibly of priests or some type of hierarch of the settlement.”

The researchers intend to continue excavations of the steps at the spiral pyramidal monument, in the hope that the results will enable them to reintegrate the original elements into the monument.

Heritage Daily has the report here: