INAH Finds 500 Obsidian Mine Shafts 31 Miles from Teotihuacan

October 21, 2022

INAH has uncovered 500 obsidian mine shafts  31 miles from Teotihuacan in the Sierra Nevadas. The obsidian was transported to Teotihuacan to workshops there. They have also found ceramic pieces and architecture with obsidian from the Teotihuacan era. Teotihuacan controlled the trade in obsidian from 100 to 600 CE. Obsidian was used in cutting, crafts, tools, rituals, and arrowhead weapons. The type of obsidian mined in these shafts was of the blue and green variety. Black and grey obsidian was used to make projectile points and knives. And in lapidary for gems.

These same mines were used bu the Toltecs and Aztecs between 950-1251 CE.

INAH has one of their great slide shows of this discovery here;

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