July 25, 2016

10,300 BCE; Earliest Tobacco Use in North America Found

Researchers have found a campsite dated to 10,300 BCE in the Utah desert salt flats. There is a hearth, spear point, and tobacco seeds, possibly the earliest evidence of tobacco use in North America. There had been no evidence of the use of tobacco in North America past 3000 years ago. Bones of ducks and geese were found in the trash. The inhabitants were carrying their big game tool kits. The spear point was adapted for big game hunting. The team had found 1000 large points nearby in 2015. The remains contained elephant residue. At the time of this site, the Utah salt flats were wetlands with rivers and lakes. The inhabitants hunted mammoths and giant bison. The tobacco seeds are a mystery. Where did they come from?

Western Digs has the report here;

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Americas News on Tumblr

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