July 25

Water Tunnels Found at Palenque

INAH Archaeologists have found underground water tunnels under the Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque. They believe that the pyramid was deliberately built atop the spring. The tunnels led water from under the funeral chamber of Pakal into the esplanade in front of the temple, giving Pakal a path to the underworld. The tunnel is two feet wide and tall. Tunnels like this have been found at Teotihuacan. The tunnels were detected in 2012 with geo-radar. They were worried about pyramid collapse. They found three layers of stone over the top of the tunnel. A robot has been sent to veiw the shaft.

PhysOrg has the news;

Mike Ruggeri’s Maya World

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Maya News Magazine

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Maya News on Tumblr

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