January 28, 2017

Ancient Maya Road Network Uncovered in Guatemala

LIDAR images have found an ancient network of reads that run over 150 miles in the Mirador Basin of Guatemala. The site of El Mirador (600 BCE-150 CE) was the largest city-state in the world in size and population at its height. One million lived there in its time. In some years, 200,000 people inhabited the site. The roads have been known since 1967, but the LIDAR images have found structures, terraces, pyramids, canals and 17 roads. The roads are 130 feet wide, 20 feet wide and some extend for 25 miles. The oldest is dated at 600-400 BCE, and the newest from 300 BCE-100 CE. The roads were used to transport food, materials, tribute armies. The Mirador complex collapsed in 150 CE.

Seeker.com has the report here

Mike Ruggeri’s Maya World

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Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Maya News Magazine

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