February 8, 2017

450 Ancient Stonehenge Type Enclosures Found in the Brazilian Amazon

450 ancient earthworks that look like Stonehenge have been found by discovery drones over Brazil. This further confirms that there was an advanced culture clearing the Amazon in ancient times to build giant earthworks and enclosures. The round earthworks have an outer ditch and inner wall enclosure, just like Stonehendge in the UK. No artifacts have been found there, so these were probably built for sporadic rituals. The research will be published in  the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The Telegraph has the report here:

JQ Jacobs has published an incredibly researched blot with many photos and videos on his site that references dozens of sources and reminds us that these enclosures have been known for many years. The new work shows the henge type enclosures in a more defined way. JQ Jacobs is a national treasure for archaeological enthusiasts.

Here is his incredible blog on the enclosures;

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