May 1, 2017

Havana Hopewell Meteoric Iron Beads Research

In 1945, researchers found 22 beads made from meteoric iron at the Avana Hopewell site in Illinois. The Hopewell culture spanned 200 BCE-500 CE in time. A team from the National Museum of Natural History tried to find a linkage between the beads and a specific meteorite found in North America. Artifacts made of meteorites stretch back 5,000 years acriss the glove. The team found a link between the Havana site beads and iron from a meteorite in Anoka, Minnesota. New masses of Anoka iron have recently been found near the Mississippi River. The team studied three of the iron beads, and a polished section of Anoka iron from a sample excavated in 1983. Using modern technology, they found a close relationship between the beads and the Anoka iron. It would appear to strengthen the idea of long distance trade by the Hopewell of Illinois to Minnesota to obtain the iron for the beads.

The International Business Times has the report here;

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Mike Ruggei’s Adena and Hopewell Art

Mike Ruggeri’s Adena and Hopewell World

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