May 20, 2017

New Research into the Moche Civilization Diet

Archaeologists have studied the calcified plaque of Moche individials who lived from 200-800 CE. Plaque hardens over time and turns into micro-fossils. They found the Moche once ate a grain heavy diet, which included amaranth. But they also found sponge spicules, and green and red algae from fresh water and deep sea sources. This means the Moche were eating fish and mollusks, and perhaps seafood from the banks of the Moche River. The researchers also saw an increase in cavities and dental wear showing a shift from a carb-heavy diet to marine protein. And this shift showed up among all classes of people. has the story here;

Mike Ruggeri’s Moche/Wari Era Peru

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Andean News Magazine

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Andean News on Tumblr

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