April 25, 2019

Maya Vase Uncovered in Belize with Very Long Hieroglyphic Text

A Maya vase with one of the longest hieroglyphic texts ever found on as vase has been uncovered at the site of Baking Pot in Belize. The emblem glyph for the Maya site of Yaxha in Guatemala appears on the vase. The dedication date on the vase is 812 CE.  The archaeologists found the pot with blades, pendants, ink pots, flutes, and human bones. The vase itself would have been a royal drinking vessel. The glyphs reference the end of Baking Pot, a well as the torching of the Maya site of Yaxha and the flight of the ruler to a place of many mosquitos and flies.

More study of the restored hieroglyphics on the vase will yield more information about the collapse of the Maya.

Archaeology News Network has the report here with photos;

Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Maya News on Tumblr

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