April 26, 2019

2000 Year Old Magnetized Giant Sculptures on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala Studied

Artisans on the Pacific Coast of what is now Guatemala, at the site of Monte Alto,  2000 years ago, crafted huge human sculptures, many with potbellies, with magnetized foreheads, cheeks and navels. Lightning strikes magnetized sections of boulders that were crafted into the sculptures. The magnetized rocks were seen as the presence of ancestors.

The research will be published in the June Journal of Archaeological Science;

Science News has the report here with photos;

Doing a little research on this, I found that this phenomena was already known by earlier researchers.

Here is a report from 2018 in misfitsandheroes with more photos;

The researchers in this report believe the potbellies to be those of pregnant women representing fertility.

Mike Ruggeri’s Mesoamerica News on Tumblr

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